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When Seattle basketball went dark,
              Sonicsgate was there with a light.

Sonicsgate Voter Guide – 2017 General Election

Be sure to drop off your ballots by November 7 and sign up to join the Sonicsgate movement!

Dear Sonics fans,

If you live in Washington state, your General Election Ballots should start arriving this week. This is for the election officially held on November 7, 2017.

We want to provide you with information directly from the candidates regarding their Seattle Arena policies.

To be completely clear, we do not encourage any of our members or fans to vote based exclusively on the issue of the arena or bringing back the Sonics. While this remains important to all of us, we absolutely acknowledge that our region has crucial issues such as transportation, education, homelessness, health care, the environment, crime, social justice, jobs, affordable housing and business growth that need to be high priorities for public officials. We advise all citizens to research the platforms of each candidate, with the arena being just one of many issues to consider when voting.

That said, this debate has gone on long enough. It has been nine years since Seattle lost the Sonics, and our government has been debating how to adequately address our region’s glaring arena inadequacies for more than two decades. The City Council has two legitimate arena deals on the table that each represent massive private investment into the public sector, a position most cities would love to be in right now. They should move forward with due diligence and approval of both proposals.

Learn more about the SoDo Arena Plan.

Learn more about the KeyArena Renovation Plan.

Sonicsgate’s primary goal has always been to bring the SuperSonics back to Seattle. We are not here to stand in the way of any plan that can legitimately achieve that end. We expect our elected officials to evaluate both proposals and vote to approve a deal that puts Seattle in the best position to get an NBA team as soon as possible.

No matter what happens from here, Chris Hansen is a hero for all the work he has put into the SoDo arena proposal and his valiant attempts to bring back the Sonics. He has spent more than five years with millions of dollars poured into these efforts, and his group set the bar for what all public-private partnerships should look like when proposing arena facilities around the nation, balancing community benefits with responsible private financing and local engagement.

Tim Leiweke’s group also brings tremendous legitimacy to the process based on past experience financing and operating major arenas. Their proposal to renovate KeyArena has challenges to overcome, particularly regarding traffic and neighborhood impact mitigation, but this is a group that has the knowledge and financial means to make it happen.

We have seen extensive debate about each location and financing plan this year. With all that has happened in the ongoing Sonicsgate saga, we don’t want to rule out either plan right now. If only we had this level of engagement from wealthy investors and public officials when we still had the Sonics back in 2008… we must learn from the failures of the past and move forward to settle this arena issue once and for all!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the new version and the original?

The new version was made specifically to fit in a 60-minute TV slot (43-min run time). This is the only version that is available to purchase. Proceeds go toward recovering the costs that went into producing the film, DVD and website. The original 2-hour Director's Cut released in 2009 is not available on DVD. SONICSGATE: REQUIEM FOR A TEAM (2012) features new interviews, unearthed archive footage, new evidence and completely revamped graphics in a fast-paced story that pulls no punches. The DVD also contains a digital copy of the film with seven exclusive bonus features starring Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp, George Karl, Jeff Ament, Sherman Alexie, Kevin Calabro and more!

How do I find the Digital Copy on my DVD?

(MAC): Put the DVD into a computer. Once it is in the drive, open a new Finder window. Click on the disc icon. A few random folders and a Sonicsgate_TV.m4v file will appear. This is an iPhone/iPad movie that will play on those devices, iTunes, Quicktime and various other media players.

(PC): Put the DVD into your computer. Open My Computer and look at the contents of the DVD. You should see Sonicsgate_TV.m4v. Same thing, it will play in iTunes, Quicktime, or other media players.

Will the free 2-hour Director’s Cut ever get released on DVD or TV?

No. The 2-hour Director’s Cut of “Sonicsgate” released in 2009 is an educational work of the Seattle SuperSonics Historical Preservation Society, but it has too many licensing issues to ever be distributed on TV/DVD.

The new version titled SONICSGATE: REQUIEM FOR A TEAM (2012) released by Green and Gold Media in 2012 is fully licensed for TV, DVD and Digital Distribution. We took the opportunity to completely revamp all the graphics and include a lot of archival footage that wasn’t in the Director’s Cut. We also added new interviews with The Reign Man Shawn Kemp and Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam. Get your copy of SONICSGATE: REQUIEM FOR A TEAM (2012) now!

What is the goal of the Sonicsgate, and the grassroots movement it has become?

We are huge NBA basketball fans and loved the Sonics more than anything. They left in 2008, not because of a lack of fan support, but because a perfect storm of unfortunate political and corporate circumstances formed to rip the team away. By educating the public about how Seattle truly lost the team, we hope to build momentum for bringing an NBA team back to Seattle and restoring the 41-year legacy of the Seattle SuperSonics. This includes restoring the team name, colors, and all the history and official records that are currently owned by OKC. We will not rest until the Sonics’ retired jerseys and banners are rightfully restored, hanging in the rafters of a new arena for the Sonics.

How can I help the cause?

#KeepHoopAlive! Never forget the 41-year basketball legacy of our region. Buy an official Sonicsgate shirt and DVD, watch and share the streaming links. Stay politically active in support of all efforts to build a modern and sustainable arena facility for NBA, NHL, concerts, conventions and community events in Seattle. Contact your local elected officials and political candidates asking that they support arena efforts benefiting our entire region. With your help, we will Bring Back Our Seattle SuperSonics!