NewsOK asks for “those Sonicsgate guys to cool it”

This twisted rationalization of an article by Jenni Carlson of NewsOK is hilarious!

“We get Kevin Durant’s brilliance and Russell Westbrook’s high wire acts. You get Russell Wilson’s mastery and Richard Sherman’s hair.

Can we call it even?…

In return, maybe someone there in Seattle could get those ‘Sonicsgate’ guys to cool it… Listen, you leave our basketball team alone and we promise not to come after your football team.”

First, we at Sonicsgate have never said anything bad about OKC fans or the great players who were stolen from Seattle like Kevin Durant and Nick Collison. But we’d no sooner forget about Clay Bennett’s lies and Aubrey McClendon’s malfeasance than we’d set foot in a Starbucks, endorse Greg Nickels for office or pal around with David Stern.

We’ll always root against the OKC Thunderp franchise, just like we rooted against our old Western Conference rivals in the Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns and LA Lakers, but with a stolen team bonus that shoots this instantly to the top of the rivalry hierarchy. Maybe when OKC has a team for another 36 years, they’ll start to understand how deep this truly goes. #41years

The success of our Seattle Seahawks and the dominance of the 12thMan are not justifications for how our SuperSonics were stolen from us; they only further illustrate how supremely ridiculous it is that our Sonics were ripped away from some of the best fans in sports. They took our team, but they gave us a rival to root against forever. It’s #BeatOKC all day every day. That’s how rivalries work: No Love Lost.

Yes, Seattle SuperSonics Rookie of the Year Kevin Durant is an all-time great player and person who is impossible to root against individually. But did we suddenly become Lakers fans when Gary Payton went there in 2003? Hell naw.

We maintain perspective and look forward to the day when we get a team and this SEA vs. OKC rivalry can extend to the basketball court as well. Like “the greatest corner in the league,” Richard Sherman, we go hard against our opponents but keep it all on the field. We’ve had respectful interactions with many OKC fans who understand the nature of the Sonicsgate movement and foster meaningful dialogue, as opposed to the way Jenni’s article met our justified outrage with misplaced attempts at humor that fell flatter than Clay Bennett’s haircut.

So no, we will not “cool it.” We’re just getting warmed up.

We will not be silenced until the NBA returns to Seattle, complete with the 41 years of Seattle basketball history that OKC is currently masquerading as its own.

But thanks for the plug anyway, Jenni. Everyone can learn the truth when Sonicsgate airs on ESPN Classic March 14, 2014.