#GAMETIME. Pack the Street Vacation Public Hearing on March 15!


It’s #GameTime. Time for the City Council to Vacate Occidental for an approved, shovel-ready Seattle Arena Plan!

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Public Hearing on the Occidental Street Vacation
at Seattle City Hall (600 4th Avenue)
Tuesday, March 15 at 5:30pm

** Pre-Hearing Tip-Off with Kevin Calabro! **
4:00pm at the Bertha Knight Landes Room (in City Hall)

After four years of public hearings, traffic analysis, environmental impact studies, council votes and legislative due diligence, the final step to having a shovel-ready arena plan approved in Seattle is for the City Council to vote on vacating a one-block section of Occidental Avenue in the SoDo arena footprint.

On February 29, 2016, the producers of Sonicsgate scaled a SoDo rooftop to document the critical traffic conditions that arena opponents claim as their primary argument against vacating Occidental Avenue. This was a Monday, and the same day that “the largest cargo ship to visit the United States” pulled up to unload its freight at the Port of Seattle.

We filmed the one-block section of Occidental Avenue in question from 10:30am – 7:30pm. During a nine-hour period, we captured light civilian traffic with clear conditions and virtually zero use for Port shipping containers.

Port of Seattle representatives have forcefully claimed that this run-down section of Occidental Avenue is a key release valve in the freight mobility network. The Port’s claims are clearly false, as proven by the Environmental Impact Statement and SDOT Review.

After years of exhaustive study, The Final Environmental Impact Statement concluded that “no significant adverse impact related to land use will occur as a result of the project.”

The Seattle Department of Transportation report found that “the segment proposed to be vacated is not included in the Port’s important Heavy Haul Network. This is a clear sign that Occidental is not necessary to freight movement or Port Operations.”

This footage combines with exhaustive independent studies to reinforce that the Stadium District is the best location for the arena. Arena opponents have failed to provide any legitimate data supporting their assertion that the arena will negatively impact traffic and the Port’s operations, relying instead on an unethical disinformation campaign using corrupt push polls and blatantly misleading newspaper editorials. The facts are clear. Now is the time to make the SoDo arena deal shovel ready!

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SONICSGATE CALL TO ACTION: Pack the Public Hearing, Email the City Council

UPDATE: Thanks for your massive outpouring of support the Public Hearing! We packed the house and cut through the opposing noise while remaining respectful and tactful. Outstanding work!

Watch the full footage from the March 15 City Council Public Hearing and the Transportation Committee Meetings here: