Purchasing Peter Goldman

Top political donor Peter Goldman, Thursday, July, 1, 2004, at a coffee shop in Seattle. (Photo by Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times)
Peter Goldman, Thursday, July, 1, 2004 in Seattle. (Photo by Ken Lambert / The Seattle Times)

Who is Peter Goldman?

You’ve seen him vehemently opposing the Seattle Arena MOU during public comment at the Seattle City Council, representing both the ILWU and himself as a resident of West Seattle.


Peter Goldman claims to be an “environmental lawyer” who, as director of the Washington Forest Law Center, fought vocally against Port of Seattle pollution practices in 2015.

“A public entity should not be making backroom deals.”
– Peter Goldman on the Port of Seattle (February 24, 2015)

The same environmental attorney, Peter Goldman, now represents the ILWU and backs the Port of Seattle’s disinformation campaign that is attempting to kill the Seattle Arena MOU—a deal that would give Seattle the “Greenest” arena facility in the country featuring its revolutionary Living Machine ecological treatment system.

Something smells fishy on the Seattle waterfront. What’s the story, Mr. Goldman? You don’t want progressive Seattle to lead the way in terms of building environmentally friendly infrastructure? Why are you siding with the same pollution machine you protested against just last year? What is the price tag to betray one’s own values in order represent special interests?

Goldman also went against his environmentalist allies by supporting the now notorious “Big Bertha” Seattle Tunnel plan back in 2011. We all know how that one’s turning out…

Digging a little deeper, Peter Goldman was accused of violating campaign laws governing political donation limits in 2004.

In 2015, campaign records show Goldman contributed the maximum of $700.00 to Seattle City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw, which may help explain her sudden change from being a strong arena supporter in 2012 to becoming a fierce opponent of the Occidental Avenue Street Vacation in 2016. (Read our full post: Bagshaw Betrayal Breakdown).

The remaining Seattle City Councilmembers should see clearly through the transparent arguments of arena opponents and do the right thing for the Will of the People. Who can be trusted with the future of our region? The greed of special interests should not come before the good of our city and its citizens.

Email the Seattle City Council now to let them know they need to approve the Occidental Avenue Street Vacation and the Seattle Arena MOU!