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The Plan to Bring Basketball Back to Seattle
Jay Caspian Kang

Why We Should All Root for the Miami Heat
Dave Zirin
The Nation

OKC in Finals adds new sting to wound
Sonics' faithful bear

David Aldridge

A Seattle view: Harboring a grudge
J.A. Adande
ESPN TrueHoop

As Thunder enter Finals, Seattle sulks
over team's bitter departure

Jerry Brewer
Sports Illustrated

Zombie Sonics fans throw support to Heat
D'Arcy Maine

OKC owners true bad guys in NBA Finals
Mike McCall
The Advocate

As NBA Finals begin, what's Howard Schultz thinking?
Steve Kelley
The Seattle Times

The bitterest new thing in the world today
Rachel Maddow

Seattle mourns loss of possible
NBA champion Thunder

John Hickey
USA Today

Sadness in Seattle: Sonics Fans Mourn
as OKC Preps for NBA Finals

Sean Gregory
TIME Magazine

Four years after move Seattle sees old team in Finals
Tim Booth
Associated Press

Some Zombie Sonics fans showed up
to last night's Finals game

Trey Kerby
The Basketball Jones

"Sonics Boom" From Fans Tells NBA
That Seattle's Still Got It

Social Media
Banyan Branch